Tube Ice Plant / Tube Ice Machine

Our Tube Ice Machines are designed to satisfy the varying needs of different industries and customers. Capacity varies from 1300 kg. to 40,000 kg. of tube ice per day. These machines are operational on ammonia (NH3) & Freon (R-22) as refrigerant. We supply a perfect tube ice machine no matter what’s your need, if any of our many models does not suite your need. We will gladly work with you to custom design a model that fulfill your requirement.

The unique design of our Tube Ice Machine freezes ice automatically in the vertical stainless steel tubes by the refrigerant circulating around tubes in freezer shell, the swirl of water falls from top of each tube, the hole is formed during the formation of ice because the falling film of water, freezing takes place inside the vertical tubes, as the water freezes the impurities are washed back to the sump tank to be released as and when required, when the ice in the tubes is frozen to the desired thickness. Hot gas is released automatically in to the freezer shell releasing tubes of ice on to a cutter, the cutter cuts the pieces of desired preset length.

The cylindrical ice is available in three standard diameter 1.3/8" (34mm.), 1.1/8" (28mm.) & 7/8" (22mm.) standard length is approximately 1" or can be designed to customer requirement.